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Ivan Star Comes Out: Indian people can spend our money elsewhere in the face of racism

A colonized mind is a racist mind

By Ivan F. Star Comes Out
Native Sun News Today Columnist

When local and national media outlets (electronic or print) are incessantly spewing news items promoting the “master race” fallacy, how does one deal with the resulting ethnic intolerance and hatred? White employees are now freely harassing cash-paying customers due to their skin color. White police officers are maiming and killing people of color without consequences.

So, how do Indians cope with racial violence? One suggestion is to lobby city council and/or the state legislature to pass legislation allowing racist entrepreneurs to post their “No dogs and Indians allowed” signs at their businesses. Although such a regressive action may not happen, it could deter the incredible amount of race-related frustrations and confrontations for Native Americans.

Regardless of what the authorities do, we can still take our money to other businesses. All we have to do is to devise a way to determine which businesses to avoid. Bigoted employees won’t be able to act out their “master race” attitudes toward Indians and other minorities if they are not within their grasp.

On the average, my family visits Rapid City once a month on weekends. During those visits we always frequented one restaurant for our meals until one day a young white waitress served us water in glasses that were filthy. I pointed it out to her but she mumbled something about all the glasses being like that. We quietly changed restaurants or should I say we take our money elsewhere now.

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