Construction of the Crazy Horse Memorial Monument was complete in May, 2017, ahead of the arrival of the Crazy Horse ride. Photo courtesy Mike Morava

Native Sun News Today: Park in Nebraska pays tribute to legacy of Crazy Horse

Donated stones to honor Crazy Horse

Granite stones donated by Crazy Horse Memorial
By Richie Richards
Native Sun News Today Correspondent

FORT ROBINSON, Neb. –– In May, Fort Robinson State Park, site of the surrender and murder of Crazy Horse, placed four large granite stones from Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota as part of the “Crazy Horse Memorial Monument.”

Native Sun News Today interviewed Fort Robinson State Park, Northwest Regional Superintendent, Mike Morava and Crazy Horse Committee Administrator, Melvin Douglas Bissonette about the new addition at Fort Robinson.

The addition of the stones is part of a multiple-phase project which will be completed as funding proposals are made and needs are met, according to Bissonette.

The granite stones were put in place in May, 2017. “It was the second week in May. It’s not complete. We just got some funding for a start-up and the stones were donated by Crazy Horse Mountain – Monique Ziolkowski. Funding was provided by the Mdewakanton tribe from Minnesota,” said Bissonette.

“We tried to get it done before the Crazy Horse Ride in June. They had a ceremony over there. I wasn’t able to make it, but Marvin Goings did. It was his idea to place something there, more than just that original monument,” said the administrator for the Crazy Horse family estate.

This project has been in the works for the past couple of years and has just recently come into fruition.

“The name of it is Crazy Horse Memorial Monument. It was Marvin Goings’ idea. We have a committee with all the families and Marvin’s one of the committee members,” said Bissonette.

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