Jane Seaton’s perspective of an old house on the prairie. Photo by Jaclyn Lanae
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Native Sun News Today: Artist captures life in Rosebud Reservation border town

Her art remembers Edwin Little Bald Eagle

She paints to revive old memories
By Jaclyn Lanae
Native Sun News Today Correspondent

RAPID CITY –– Jane Seaton spent the summers of her youth in a tent camp – a daycare of sorts.

“They welcomed me as their own,” she remembers of the Lakhota campers, via her artist statement. “What a happy time that was for me!”

So rich and fond are her memories, that this artist has immortalized them in beautiful watercolor paintings. So engaging and finely produced are her works that they have won her the honor of exhibiting in the Emerging Artist space at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City. A tour of her work makes her sentiment ring true; it was a happy time indeed.

Growing up in Wood, South Dakota, on the periphery of the Rosebud Reservation, Seaton enjoyed a childhood unlike many others. Her father – Phillip Berg - operated the Outlaw Trading Post, a hub for the surrounding communities and the reservation.

While he was busy behind the counter or tending to customers, the young lady of just four or five years would escape to the camp of Lakhota near the edge of town and spend her days wandering from one tipi to the next, immersed in the welcoming embrace of the community.

“My parents knew I was in someone’s tent,” she writes. “That was their daycare.”

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