Savanna Greywind is seen in a photo on Facebook.

Sarah Sunshine Manning: Indian Country grieves for our sister Savanna Greywind

Savanna Greywind, a young citizen of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, has been on the minds of many in Indian Country after she went missing in North Dakota on August 19. With police confirming the discovery of her body, Sarah Sunshine Manning (Shoshone-Paiute and Chippewa Cree) calls for justice for another one of our missing and murdered sisters:
After almost two agonizing weeks of searching for missing indigenous sister, Savanna Greywind, a 22-year old expectant mother at 8 months pregnant, Fargo police confirmed on Sunday evening that Savanna Greywind’s body was found.

Although a good many of us did not personally know beautiful Savanna Greywind, as indigenous people, we grieve for her like a sister. We are distraught like she was our very own relative, because in many ways, she was, and still is. She is us, so we mourn for her, and wish and pray so deeply that from the wounds of such a horrific tragedy, there may be healing.

Throughout the course of the search for Greywind, which began on August 19 after her disappearance, many indigenous people across Turtle Island became profoundly vested in the tragedy, doing whatever they could from their corner of the world. Countless supporters made loud calls for justice in Fargo, the state of North Dakota, the Midwest region, and beyond. Indigenous social media users spoke out en masse, and expressed their concerns and heartfelt love for one of our own, a beautiful young woman. And what was more about Savanna, was that at 8 months pregnant, she was a pure manifestation of life, carrying her first child, a precious baby girl.

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