William Bradford, center in glasses, is seen at the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation's energy summit in North Dakota in July 2017. Photo: LinkedIn

Director of Office of Indian Energy quits after more offensive remarks surface

The Trump administration's director of the Office of Indian Energy at the Department of Energy resigned last week after being confronted with even more offensive online remarks.

William C. Bradford apologized in June after confirming that he called former president Barack Obama a "Kenyan creampuff" and described the internment of Japanese Americans as "necessary" in Twitter posts that he deleted. But CNN found even more outrageous comments, including one in which he referred to the prior president, who was adopted by a family from the Crow Tribe, as the "son of a fourth-rate p&*n actress and w@!re."

Bradford, who claims to be a citizen of the Chiricahua Apache Nation, told CNN last Monday that he was the victim of hacking and said federal authorities were investigating "multiple cyber attacks and Internet crimes committed against me." He suddenly resigned on Thursday.

“Bradford tendered his resignation this afternoon and is no longer with the Department of Energy, ” a spokesperson for the department told The Washington Post.

"I resigned because I reached the conclusion over the previous four months that the best way to serve the President, the USA, and Indian Country would be from a position beyond the constraints I experienced," Bradford told CNN in a statement.

Bradford, a supporter of President Donald Trump, has long been a figure of interest in Indian Country but never served in a position of leadership in an Indian or inter-tribal organization. He claimed to be the attorney general of his tribe, which is no longer recognized by the United States, according to a federal court decision from 2008.

He surfaced on Indian Country's agenda after he joined the Trump administration, apparently in early May. His name first showed up on a May 30 press release about renewable energy.

"Public officials in leadership positions have the responsibility to serve all Americans regardless of race, gender, and religion," five Democratic and Independent lawmakers wrote in a June 26 letter to Energy Secretary Rick Perry. "These officials must be held to the highest standards of conduct. Dr. Bradford’s divisive rhetoric has no place in public service."

Bradford succeeded Chris Deschene, a citizen of the Navajo Nation who had been hired during the Obama administration.

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