Columbus statue in New York City vandalized amid review of 'symbols of hate'

A statue of Christopher Columbus, widely reviled as a symbol of genocide of indigenous peoples, was vandalized in New York City.

According to news reports, the vandalism was discovered on Tuesday morning. Someone left red paint on the statue, located inside Central Park, and left a message that read: “Hate will not be tolerated #Somethingscoming" as seen in posts on Twitter.

The incident came after Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered a review of "symbols of hate" on government property following racial violence in Virginia last month. Central Park is located on city-owned land.

"After the violent events in Charlottesville, New York City will conduct a 90-day review of all symbols of hate on city property," the mayor wrote on Twitter on August 16.

Columbus never came anywhere near New York but his name and likeness appears throughout the city. Some Italian-Americans take pride in the explorer's legacy and the city hosts an annual Columbus Day parade that was established by Italian descendants.

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