The Bear River Massacre site near Preston, Idaho. Photo: Wilson44691

Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation acquires site of 1863 massacre

The Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation has reacquired 640 acres of ancestral territory, The Preston Citizen reports.

The acreage includes the site of the Bear River Massacre, the paper said. On January 29, 1863, the U.S. Army attacked a Shoshone encampment and killed as many as 500 men, women and children.

“It’s such a happy day. Land is so important to Native people. To be able to acquire that land as a burial site is the great thing. Many generations, from Sagwich on, are happy,” Chairman Darren Parry told the paper. Sagwitch was a leader of the Northwestern Band in the 1800s and was injured during the massacre.

The property acquired by the tribe is near Preston, Idaho, not far from the border with Utah. The tribe's small reservation is located on the Utah side.

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Tribe purchases sacred ancestral grounds including site of Bear River Massacre (The Preston Citizen October 6, 2017)

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