The seal of the Pawnee Nation. Photo: Pawnee Nation
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Pawnee Nation seeks earthquake damages from energy companies in tribal court

The Pawnee Nation is attempting to hold the energy industry accountable for damage suffered during a 2016 earthquake.

The tribe is suing multiple oil and gas companies in its court system, Lenzy Krehbiel-Burton reported in The Tulsa World in March. The lawsuit alleges the September 3, 2016, quake caused by the industry's activities in Oklahoma.

“We are a sovereign nation and we have the rule of law here,” said Andrew Knife Chief, the tribe's executive director, told The Associated Press after the lawsuit was filed. “We’re using our tribal laws, our tribal processes, to hold these guys accountable.”

Generally, tribes lack jurisdiction over non-Indian entities. But the U.S. Supreme Court, in a decision known as Montana v. United States, recognized an exception in situations where the "political integrity, the economic security, or the health or welfare" of a tribe is threatened.

According to the Poynter Law Group, which is representing the tribe, the jurisdiction issue has indeed been raised by the non-Indian defendants. But a judge on the tribe's court agreed to move forward with the case after hearing arguments on October 27, the firm said.

The 5.8 magnitude quake caused damage to several tribal properties in Pawnee.

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