An "Indian head" logo for sale. Image:

Washington NFL player thinks it's 'cool' to sell t-shirts with logo of Indian head

A player on the Washington NFL team is selling t-shirts featuring an "Indian" head logo.

The design is based on the buffalo nickel from the early 1900s, The Washington Post reported. Quarterback Kirk Cousins said it reminded him of the team's mascot, which is considered to be a stereotypical representation of an Indian person.

“The buffalo nickel that was made back in the day, it says 1920, and I thought it was cool,” Cousins said, according to The Post. “Our equipment managers pointed it out to me, and it looks an awful lot like our Redskins logo.”

Cousins is selling the shirts on his website. "What do you guys think?" an October 18 post on his Instagram account reads.

"This is basically the most demoralizing native American imagery. Take it down please @kirk.cousins," one person wrote in response.

"Racist and very culturally insensitive," another user said.

"You seriously need to learn how to learn how to throw a ball away or somehow finish a play on third down," wrote another.

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