Images of Indians are prominently featured throughout the town of Skowhegan, Maine. Photo: Axel Drainville
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Business group in Maine apologizes for 'Hunt for the Indian' holiday promotion

The Skowhegan Area Chamber of Commerce in Maine apologized for a “Hunt for the Indian” holiday promotion.

The group had urged businesses to place a figurine of an "Indian" inside their stores. Customers would then be encouraged, via social media, to "hunt" for the figure in order to secure discounts at businesses.

"No apology can take away our lack of empathy and foresight in this decision. And, for that we are truly sorry," the group said in a November 5 post on Facebook.

The town of Skowhegan is known as the home of the "Indians" mascot. Tribal leaders and citizens have called for its removal but the school board last year voted to keep the imagery, The Bangor Daily News reported.

A large statue of an "Indian" with seemingly exaggerated features is located in Skowhegan. Standing at 62 feet tall atop a 20-foot-tall base, it's billed as the "World's Tallest Indian" on tourism sites.

The town's seal also features the head of an "Indian" man.

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