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Northern Cree drum group nominated for Grammy award in 'regional roots' category

Nominations for the 60th annual Grammy awards were released on Tuesday, with indigenous musicians again competing in a "regional roots" category.

Northern Cree was nominated for Miyo Kekisepa, Make A Stand, the drum group's most recent release. The group, which is based in Alberta, Canada, but whose record label is based in the United States, was only mainland indigenous artist to secure a nod for the upcoming 2018 awards.

Two additional indigenous nominees hail from the U.S. state of Hawaii. The Ho'okena group was chosen for Ho'okena 3.0 while Josh Tatofi secured a nod for Pua Kiele.

The Grammy awards once included a Best Native American Album, which honored Native musicians from the U.S. . The Native American category started in 2001 and ran through 2011 before it was eliminated during a dramatic overhaul that also saw the removal of more than two dozen other categories.

The Grammys also once offered a Best Hawaiian Music Album award for Hawaiian artists. But that too was eliminated during the restructuring, so Native and Hawaiian artists are now competing with other "regional" musicians for the Best Regional Roots Music Album.

Since the "regional roots" category was first presented in 2012, only one Hawaiian musician -- Kalani Pe'a in 2017 -- has won the award. No Native artist from the U.S. or Canada has won.

Northern Cree was nominated for an award in 2017 as well. The group performed "Cree Cuttin'" at the ceremony.

The 60th annual Grammy awards will be broadcast from New York City on January 28, 2018.

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