Anna Wockmetooah Tahmahkera. Photo: Miranda Soto

Comanche Nation citizen Anna Tahmahkera celebrates 100th birthday

Anna Wockmetooah Tahmahkera, a citizen of the Comanche Nation, is celebrating her 100th birthday.

Tahmahkera was born in Oklahoma on January 29, 2018. She is a descendant of Wild Horse, a Comanche warrior, and was raised by one of the wives of Quanah Parker, one of the tribe's most well-known leaders. She later married Vance Tahmakera, one of Parker's grandsons.

"What does it mean to live to 100?" Tahmahkera told The Lawton Constitution when asked about her age. "I was asking myself that."

Tahmahkera has been regularly featured in The Comanche Nation News, her tribe's newspaper. A story in the September 2017 issue shows her and tribal employees watching the solar eclipse the month prior. The last one, incidentally, occurred in 1918, the year of her birth.

Tahmahkera's birthday, which was celebrated at the Pete Coffey M.B. Church on January 21, means the tribe boasts three centenarians, all of them women. According to the February 2017 issue of the newspaper, Rachel Mans is 102 years old and Lena Mahseet is 100 years old.

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