Craig Harper, left, and John Froman are running for chief of the Peoria Tribe. Courtesy photos

Peoria Tribe prepares for election as long-time leader faces challenge

The Peoria Tribe is holding an election on March 3 to choose a new leader.

Chief John Froman is running for re-election. He has held the Oklahoma-based tribe's top office since 2001 -- a total of five terms, The Miami News-Record reported.

"During my tenure, the tribe has achieved a level of growth that allows tribal programs to expand," Froman told the paper in a candidate statement. "With this success, the tribe has purchased land that has allowed programs to expand."

Craig Harper, who serves on the tribe's business committee, is also running for chief. He told the paper that he will focus on economic development and land acquisitions if he wins election next month.

"I believe a new season and new direction for our efforts is vital for the future of the Peoria Nation," Harper said in his statement to the News-Record. "This new direction must lead us into new, untapped areas of economic development, political growth and creative business ventures far beyond our current position."

The winner of the election will be sworn into office at the tribe's next council meeting.

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