QUINAULT NATION: from left: Honorable Francis Rosander, Third Councilman John Bryson Jr., Secretary Latosha Underwood, Vice President Tyson E. Johnston, President Fawn R. Sharp, Treasurer Lawrence Ralston. Photo by Larry Workman

Fawn Sharp re-elected as president of Quinault Nation for a fifth term

Voters of the Quinault Nation went to the polls on Monday and re-elected their top leaders.

Fawn Sharp, who is the second woman to lead the Washington-based tribe, secured a fifth-term as president. Also winning re-election were the tribe's vice president, treasurer and secretary.

"This election was a clear expression of the sovereignty of the Quinault people and, from my standpoint, a humbling and inspiring show of support in the Nation's current leadership from its citizens," said Sharp, who fell short last year in her bid to lead the National Congress of American Indians.

"The Quinault people have been renowned for the stability, integrity, and strength of our governmental institutions for generations, a tradition I know our current leadership will work hard to support and build upon," Sharp added.

Lawrence "Larry" Ralston was among those re-elected on Monday. He will be serving a fourth term as treasurer.

"My personal and professional commitment to serve three more years is a challenge that I welcome as part of my sacred duty to build a solid financial future for the next seven generations of the Quinault people," Ralston said.

Tyson E. Johnston, the tribe's vice president, and Latosha Underwood, the secretary, rounded out the list of winning incumbents. Voters also chose a newcomer, John Bryson Jr., for the position of third councilman.