Liz Marty May "Sticks To Her Guns": Culling the Herd

Native Sun News Today: Liz May announces run for Congress

KYLE - Just days ahead of Liz Marty May’s formal announcement, 18 former/current South Dakota State Legislators formally endorsed her candidacy for US Congress against Dusty Johnson.

“Republican leaders across South Dakota are ready for strong conservative leadership in Washington! We are ready for a representative who has a proven track record on our cherished conservative issues, is trustworthy, reliable, and understands the way of South Dakota life,” states Senator Phil Jenson of Rapid City.

“South Dakotans are strong in our faith, strong in our country, and strong in our principles. We need a representative who reflects that. Liz May isn’t just tough, she’s ranch tough. It’s time to send a real, every-day South Dakotan to Washington,” says former State Senator and Representative Betty Olson of Harding County.


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