Dr. Deborah Birx stands with President Donald Trump during a briefing of the White House Coronavirus Task Force Response on April 18, 2020. Photo: Tia Dufour / White House

Native Sun News Today Editorial: 'Katy Bar the Door!'

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator, sat with some discomfort, her feet barely touching the floor, as Doctor Donald Trump prescribed his latest cure for the coronavirus. Dr. Trump talked about ways to ingest cleaning fluids and take hydroxychloroquine and if that didn’t work go out and sit in the sun. Dr. Birx did not speak up even though other doctors and cleaning fluid suppliers shouted loudly about this outrageous advice.

Not to be left sitting quietly on the sidelines South Dakota Governor “Nurse” Kristi Noem, a protégé of “The Donald,” immediately started a study program for hydroxychloroquine using residents of South Dakota as her guinea pigs. Other countries had already tested the pill and not only found it inadequate but dangerous. People with certain health problems died from it.

Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen, a man who was just released early from prison because of the coronavirus impacting the prisoners, went to prison for defending and lying for his boss Donald Trump. Cohen paid off the porn stars prior to the last presidential election in order to protect Trump.

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Anyhow Cohen said under oath that anyone aligning themselves with Trump would find themselves corrupted. All of the stooges that line up with Trump for his virus briefings have been compromised. They attempt to lend credence to his lies and misrepresentations knowing full well that the advice he is handing out can be harmful if not deadly. They are complicit in endangering the lives of their fellow Americans. And the same goes for the Republican Senators who refused to sign off on the impeachment of the most incompetent man ever to sit in the oval office.

Trump still has the time to do great damage to this country. The media is remiss in not publicizing all of the things he has been doing quietly to injure the poor and minorities. He has been subtly quashing all of the good things President Obama enacted while he was in office. The SNAP or Food Stamp Program is just one of them.

How can South Dakota’s two GOP Senators sit back and say nothing when they know full well that many of their constituents are Native Americans and because of the poverty on the Indian reservations, many of them depend on the SNAP Program in order to survive? Shouldn’t it be a major part of their job to protect the people in their own state? We once editorialized that GOP meant Greed Over People and in the era of Donald S. Trump this interpretation has truly become the main focus of the Republican Party. Sad!

It took a major pandemic for the total incompetence of Trump to surface. It was always there but like a boxer who can dance his way out of a corner, Trump has been dancing and weaving, but when this pandemic came out of nowhere, he had no place to hide. Perhaps the GOP could snicker behind his back about his irrelevance, but when America and the world came under a deadly attack of a disease that seemed to be unstoppable, the Republicans had to take a new look at their clueless leader because he was finally endangering their chances of getting re-elected.

There is an old saying that emphasizes how to protect ourselves and it goes, “Katy bar the door” and that is exactly what all of us must do in order to survive as a people over the next 200 days of Trump's presidency.

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