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Ivan Star Comes Out: Racism originated with a mortal, not a God

Native Sun News Today Columnist

I like social media as it allows me to view watching cooking videos, commenting and sharing on relevant posts, and reviewing news clips from a less mogul-controlled perspective.

In doing so, I noticed recently that some people shared the idea of not going back to “normal” when this pandemic is past. I found this a bit intriguing because it ties into our ancient indigenous prophecies.

For one, the Hopi Blue Star Prophecy specifies, “…three worlds have passed. We are now in the Fourth World and are about to enter the Fifth World, based on the timing disclosed by nine signs.”

Those signs have predicted the coming of the settlers, guns, cattle, the railroad, telecommunications, roads, oil spills in the ocean, people learning the old ways, and a “dwelling place” in the sky that crashes into earth.

Ivan F. Star Comes Out. Photo courtesy Native Sun News Today

Therefore, when people are discussing the idea of not wanting to go back to “normal,” I cannot help but think that we are at the threshold to this fifth world, a world that is allegedly lacking hatred, oppression, deceit, and greed. The prophecy seems to point to the new world as one consisting of many races or colors.

Our own Lakota prophecies speak to a time when we (natives) will live again. In addition, we will see significant changes to this world when that time of change is near. Accordingly, we have been seeing abnormal weather, animal and human behavior, and many other deviances. To make a long story short, two men cannot make a life nor can two women make a life, yet it exists in the world today.

Regrettably, both (Lakota/Hopi) prophesies require a recovery of our original teachings. We are to go back to the diplomacy that once permeated every aspect of our ancestor’s life ways. It seems to be a criterion to make this new world possible. Sadly, far too many Natives have forgotten their languages and cultural teachings. Actually, the newcomer destroyed them.

If this is a prerequisite, our future is even more precarious. Now we must step-up the struggle to maintain our Lakota language and culture. It is not all gloom and doom though; I find comfort in the fact that our youth are exerting themselves to learn their language and the old ways. Currently, I am feeling a bit pressured to help with that effort, but I intend to do it in my own quiet way

Anyway, what does “normal” means for society’s two major oppositional factions? That contentious and belligerent “Make America Great Again” slogan defines “normality” for some in this country. It pines a belief that provided privilege and “freedom” for them while denying everyone else. The notion of racial superiority is at the base of this vile notion.

In addition, these people believe God gave them the right to enslave and kill people other than their own. In reality, there was no divine intervention. That idea originated from a man, a Pope Nicholas V, who in 1454 granted all European nations the right to enslave and kill all non-Christians in North Africa and “wherever they may be found,” and to claim their lands for their European country of origin.

Then, in the wake of this papal decree, Old World aristocrats maintained the disgusting practice of indentured servitude. Then an Italian brought this ideology to the “new world” in 1492. Consequently, millions upon millions of indigenous people perished. The descendants of those natives that survived are still enduring this delusion today.


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