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Native Sun News Today: Crow/Northern Cheyenne under lockdowns

LAME DEER - Members of both the Crow Tribe and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe are currently under curfews and lockdowns, tribally issued mandates in response to rising COVID-19 cases in Big Horn County.

Big Horn County in southeastern Montana comprises nearly all of the Crow Reservation and about half of Northern Cheyenne. The county now has the highest per capita percentage of cases in the State, according to county health reports.

The Crow Executive order by President AJ Not Afraid started the week of August. It includes a daily curfew from 8:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m; bans public gatherings and closes the OK-a-Beh Marina in the Bighorn Canyon recreation area. Checkpoints at access points to public areas and the reservation will be utilized to monitor and turn non-residents around. Finally, Not said that his administration has determined it will not be safe for children to attend classroom studies.

On the other hand, essential businesses, emergency and medical facilities will remain open under specific operational guidelines

The Northern Cheyenne lock-down is scheduled to begin at 11:59, August 9 to run at least two weeks, (August 23) pending developments. As of this report Northern Cheyenne had 17 confirmed cases, a rapid rise within several days. Also, Northern Cheyenne has also promised to “deny” the upcoming CoVid assistance checks to those who knowingly transmit the virus or fail to comply with the lock down conditions as stated on the Tribal Facebook page and public notice.


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