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A view of a fence at Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C., on November 7, 2020, the day Democrat Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election. The area around the White House has become increasingly barricaded since June 2020, with fences and barriers preventing anyone from getting near the complex. Photo by Indianz.Com (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
Making a mockery of the Democratic process
Monday, November 23, 2020

Isn’t it time for the people of this country and the Republican Party and the Trumpers to say that we are done with the former president Donald Trump, that we have counted the votes, that President Donald Trump has lost his bid for a second term, that the people have spoken and we have a new president named Joe Biden, the Democratic leader from Delaware, and the long time US Senator?   

Isn’t it time for someone to say we can remove Trump physically if he chooses not to go willingly? We have been given 70 days for the transition and it is my hope that if we must call out the army to remove a criminal president, we have the will to DO IT.  

It is quite clear by now that the defeated President Trump, suffering a clear defeat in both the popular vote and the Electoral College vote is not going to go willingly. The question is: How much longer must we as citizens be denied our rights as a majority of American voters?  

How much longer must we put up with this ridiculous and corrupt man who has in his presidency made fools of the entire Senate, corrupted federal law scholars and committed several federal offenses? What offenses, you ask?

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn. Courtesy photo

For starters, the obstruction of Congress, violation of campaign finance laws, paying off prostitutes, and most troubling, soliciting in plain sight of his co-conspirators a bribe in the form of pressuring the president of a foreign country to help him win his election by asking him to dig up “dirt” on his opponent. It is called a quid-pro-quo.  

There’s more: witness tampering, tax fraud, bribery, mandating the bulging of the military budget, putting economic sanctions on thirty-nine countries, threatening our allies, calling out the US Army against US citizens who are marching in peaceful protests. He sits in his splendid suites and signs executive orders streaming with cruelty, racism and disregard for the thousands of our citizens who are dying of COVID-19 the worst pandemic in history.  

If we are looking for a rationale for this criminal behavior we can only ask “where do his guard dogs who do his bidding come from?” We probably agree that it all stems from Trump Narcissism which in itself is probably not a crime, but it is clearly a branch of some sort of insanity and ignorance. The Republican Senate has caught our attention and we should vote them out immediately.

A rebuke should go to the right-wing activists made up of people like our duly elected state governor, Kristi Noem, who is a devoted follower of this joyless and selfish man. She seems to be related to the same personal vision that drives them both to imagine they are politically normal. We are told that Noem has recently installed a video studio in her official offices so she can give interviews to right wing outlets and Christian magazines. Her husband helps with her podcasts.  

Noem is clearly an evangelical and a crusader and as we know, evangelists are not willing to compromise. She has been on a campaign tour for the better part of two years for this president, and is presently making public pleas for online donations to “bring it home for the president”. Her solicitations have reached across to Maine, New Hampshire and Florida.   

Her crusader posture is a trait even more dangerous than criminality in the thinking of a public official like Trump because it is seated in religiosity. It goes without saying that there is a public position about mixing religion with politics as having a bad effect on governing in a democracy.

We thought it would be enough that she got prayer and the flag back in every school, but apparently not.  


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Elizabeth Cook-Lynn is a retired Professor of Native Studies. She taught at Eastern Washington University and Arizona State University. She currently lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota. She has written 15 books in her field. One of her latest is Anti-Indianism in Modern America: A Voice from Tatekeya’s Earth, published by University of Illinois Press.

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