The Pueblo of Pojoaque in New Mexico. Photo: anjuli_ayer
Pueblo of Pojoaque makes history with women leaders
Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Pueblo of Pojoaque is being led by women for the first time in modern history.

Following the unexpected resignation of a former leader, Jenelle Roybal is now serving as Governor of the tribe, located in northern New Mexico. She had been serving as Lieutenant Governor.

And Rafaela Sanchez is now serving as Lieutenant Governor. She had been Secretary up until the change in leadership.

Jenelle Roybal. Photo: Pueblo of Pojoaque
Rafaela Sanchez. Photo: Pueblo of Pojoaque

The tribe is expected to hold an election to fill the Secretary position. But with Kathy Fierro continuing to serve as Treasurer, Pojoaque is being entirely led by a slate of women.

The changes come after Joseph Talachy resigned as Governor last month. In a social media post on February 20, he said he was stepping down to pursue new opportunities.

“I leave with a good heart, with no ill feelings and with hope for the best for our future leadership,” Talachy wrote.

The announcement was a surprise because Talachy ran for re-election last year and won another term in office. He served as Governor for 11 years.

In an earlier post, Talachy said he was starting a business that focuses on his “passion for hunting, shooting, outdoor gear and outdoor sports!”

A formal announcement of the election for Secretary has not been made.