Pvt. Lynch: 'Most of all, I miss Lori Piestewa'
Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Jessica Lynch, the Army private first class who served with Lori Piestewa in the Iraqi war, returned to her West Virginia home on Tuesday.

In a speech to well-wishers, Lynch talked about Piestewa, who was her roommate at Fort Bliss in Texas. "Most of all I miss Lori Piestewa," she said.

"She was my best friend," Lynch added. "She fought beside me, and it was an honor to have served with her. Lori will always remain in my heart."

According to an initial Army account, Lynch was a passenger in a Humvee Piestewa was driving during a March 23 attack in southern Iraq. After being hit by enemy fire, the vehicle crashed into a disabled vehicle, causing injuries to Lynch and Piestewa.

Both ended up being transported to an Iraqi hospital, the Army account said. Piestewa died while Lynch was rescued.

Wayland Piestewa, Lori's brother watched video footage of Lynch's return. "I think their story is one that definitely touches a lot of people," he told the Associated Press. "They were best friends. That was a special relationship that they had."

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