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Posted: March 19, 2020


March 19, 2020


Dear Friends,


The Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic is creating a unique and challenging situation that will have long reaching effects on our daily lives.

Team ONABEN is dedicated to creating an environment of productivity and positivity during this time.  In doing so, we wanted to share the steps that we are currently taking to protect the health and safety of our staff, clients, partners, and community.


Commitment to Small Business Owners
ONABEN has and will always be your biggest champion.  We are dedicated to taking the time to listen to your needs and making sure that our programming is relevant and timely.  We understand the short and long term consequences of this Global Pandemic on small business and we want to reassure you that we are still here working alongside you.  ONBEN is currently hosting online Coffee Break conversations via Zoom which will be a platform for your issues to be heard and acted upon. We will be delivering these messages/needs to Government and other funding agencies as well as adapting current training and resource information in response to these conversations.


Commitment to Community Partners
We know that like ONABEN, your organizations are trying to comprehend the impact on your communities and service areas.  We are committed to working with you to provide any necessary support to navigate this ever changing situation. Local community work will play a vital role in long term efforts to make sure that policies, advocacy work, and new program initiatives are properly put into place that will create thriving and healthy communities.


Commitment to our Funders
ONABEN will work directly with our funding agencies to not only deploy current dollars and complete existing deliverables but will also pledge to deliver relevant and creative solutions for future initiatives.


Organizational Operations
Team ONABEN frequently works remotely and will continue to do so throughout the recommended quarantine time.  Therefore, the impact of this situation on our productivity will be non-existent. Our hours of operation continue to be Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm and all staff can be reached via email at any time.


To the greatest extent possible we will continue offering training and resource information virtually and we are confident that all current activities will be rescheduled in a timely manner.  Thankfully, for many years ONABEN has utilized online training platforms as a way to supplement our in-person training events and to grow the number of communities in which we serve. We are completely prepared and capable of continuing to meet the needs of the small business community. Any changes to current programming activities will be carefully planned in accordance with CDC guidelines and will be communicated to all participants quickly and efficiently.


All staff travel has been suspended until further notice as well as all large training and events

We encourage everyone to stay informed, stay connected, and reach out to our Team if there is anything we can do to assist you during this time.  We base our work on the belief that the entrepreneurial community is resilient, creative, and powerful. Now is our time to shine! As always, keep up the good work, be kind, and love each other!

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