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Posted: April 7, 2020

In a post on social media on April 7, 2020, the Ramah Chapter of the Navajo Nation reported 10 positive COVID-19 cases. The New Mexico-based community only had 1 confirmed case two weeks ago.

“If you stay home and not drive around often will slow down the spread of this virus. We are seeing vehicles with groups of people in them, please do not travel in groups. Only one person should be traveling along unless if the person is elderly or disable and cannot drive,” the post read. “We are seeing groups of people driving back from town or from the store. Please stop traveling in groups.”

The Ramah Chapter is located in Cibola County and McKinley County in New Mexico. It’s not contiguous to the reservation but is still a part of the Navajo Nation.

And like the Chilchinbeto Chapter on the main reservation, where the coronavirus took an early hold on the tribe, Ramah is a small and close knit community. About 1,400 people live throughout the community.

But Ramah is close to Gallup, New Mexico, where COVID-19 cases are rising. Residents often travel to the city to shop, go to school and for other economic and social opportunities.

The Pueblo of Zuni — where many Ramah residents go to receive health care — is even closer, only about 22 miles away. Zuni reported 7 cases as of April 5.

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