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Posted: August 10, 2020



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Monday, August 10, 2020 – Weighing education against increasing COVID-19 risks

Schools across the country are struggling to come up with plans to adequately educate students while also protecting them from the coronavirus. As the first day of class nears, there’s a growing list of K-12 schools that are at least starting with online-only education. But that plan leaves a lot of Native students at a disadvantage since they are statistically less likely to have adequate tools and connectivity than other students. Some schools remained committed to providing in-person instruction with increased precautions. We’ll get an update on what school administrators and students are facing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 – Telehealth goes mainstream

Telemedicine has been a big help for rural patients who would otherwise have to travel long distances to see a doctor in person. Now, urban residents are getting into the act as both medical professionals and patients seek to cut down on COVID-19 risks. The Indian Health Service announced a telehealth expansion in March, and President Trump signed an executive order this month increasing telehealth services for some parts of the country. Still a lot of barriers remain as patients and doctors adjust to new technology and tribal areas contend with a lack of connectivity.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 – How one organization is taking on COVID-19

When the coronavirus struck, it became clear to the staff at the Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation that they would have to use their expertise in community-building to help the Pine Ridge Reservation adjust. The non-profit usually tackles a broad range of issues, ranging from language revitalization to housing to education, to help the Oglala Lakota people thrive. Now Thunder Valley is drawing on their skills and connections to find resources for the reservation that is disproportionately affected by health and economic setbacks in South Dakota.

Thursday, August 13, 2020 – Can salmon and dams coexist in the Pacific Northwest?

The Trump Administration dealt a severe blow to tribes in Washington State that have been fighting for decades to remove dams to improve salmon populations. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says there’s no need to remove four dams along the Snake River, but instead will continue a mix of measures that have so far had little effect on helping salmon in the more than 40 years since the dams were built. Some lawmakers, though, praise the decision since the dams help manage the water resource and provide low-cost electricity for industry and residents.

Music Maker: Angel Baribeau

First Nations Cree recording artist Angel Baribeau brings us their debut solo album, “For Those I Love(d).” After years of growing their voice they are pushing forward with a powerful pop sound. Using this art form to create more space for their thoughts and emotions has helped them understand their path as an Indigenous, queer, non-binary, singer-songwriter. Join as we sample their album and learn what went into creating it.

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