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Posted: February 9, 2021


Pueblo of Laguna COVID-19 Case Update

February 8, 2021

UPDATE: Thirty (30) active COVID-19 positive cases within the Pueblo of Laguna.

The EOC contact tracers are now handling an outbreak of cases with children becoming infected with the virus. Within the past five days, 4 cases have been children who unknowingly carried the virus while playing with other children and visiting different households. This resulted in many households being put into quarantine. In addition, the Pueblo received its first case of an individual who completed their vaccination series that tested positive for the virus. This individual is not experiencing any symptoms but it shows that you can still become infected.

As a reminder, everyone vaccinated or not still needs to follow COVID-19 Safety Precautions. Getting the vaccine means that your symptoms will not be as severe if you become infected, but you still can be a carrier of the virus. Even after completing the 2-dose vaccination series, you MUST continue following COVID-19 Safety Precautions to protect those around you who have not been vaccinated, such as young children. Remember, there is no vaccine available to protect our children!


In addition, CDC guidelines for quarantine and isolation have not changed even if you have been vaccinated and then become infected or exposed to the virus. To keep you and your family safe, please continue to adhere to the Executive Order Amendment No. 2, continue COVID-19 testing, stay home as much as possible, stay within your own household, avoid large gatherings, wear a face mask, and stay 6 feet away from people if you must go out.

The POL COVID-19 case update within Pueblo boundaries stands at 575 total positive cases, 30 active cases, 1 hospitalized, 527 recovered, and 18 deaths. A total of 21 households are currently in quarantine/isolation which affects 113 people. Stay safe!

Pueblo of Laguna COVID-19:

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