Thank goodness, spring has sprung and here in Montana and Wyoming, people are gradually getting sprung from the confines of quarantine and self-imposed social distancing and isolation.
Sadly, far too many Natives have forgotten their languages and cultural teachings. Actually, the newcomer destroyed them.
Injustice in America is not a new reality. In fact, it predates the founding of this nation.
If Indian women are so sacred, as it is alleged in many contemporary narratives, why isn’t her sacredness inviolable?
Good travels my old friend. Sta-vah-sah-whooms. (I will see you again).
While there a pandemic decimating America and much of the world, Donald Trump is looking for any reason he can come up with to place the blame for his total incompetence on someone else.

Expanding Medicaid coverage for Cherokee citizens will dramatically strengthen the finances of our tribal health system.

In Canada and the U.S., Native people have been attacked and died at the hands of the police, at times in the most brutal of ways.

It started in May of 1998 when bodies began to show up in Rapid City Creek. Of the eight bodies discovered six were Native Americans, and all were homeless men.

Today, the role of red is being used to call attention to the invisible — missing and murdered.

Just as my forefathers spoke with their actions, I want to use public office to ensure people have access to the quality of life they deserve.

In light of the worst public health crisis in generations, we have used medical science, facts and compassion as our guide.

I am so happy to get on the 'cloud' and hear the wonderful sound of the Cheyenne language.

'I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree,' Joyce Kilmer wrote in 1914.

Tribal leaders across America are at these moments of this early spring, gathering their people to talk of decisions to be made that will not be business as usual.

A standoff over safety and sovereignty is intensifying in South Dakota.

Like small businesses across Indian Country, Native Sun News Today, felt, and is still feeling, the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

After tribal governments sued the Treasury Department for withholding COVID-19 relief money promised by Congress, the Trump administration announced the release of 60 percent of the $8 billion fund.

We are experiencing an epidemic of violence in our tribal communities.

I’ve not seen any evidence that Indians in this state deserve the constant tension put forth by this governor.

There are not too many of us left who remember what a great place Wounded Knee used to be, a place of wonderful childhood memories.

This virus has hit closer to home than I ever imagined. Two of my daughters just tested positive for COVID-19.

After much debate, media scrutiny and a national lawsuit, the Treasury Department is finally distributing coronavirus relief funds to tribal governments, but it is far from payment in full, as promised.

I was hardly in grade school when I started reading political stuff, having listened to many Dakota/Lakota politicians talk about the problems of Indian life on the reservation.

Tribal nations need to look out for the health and protection of their residents, especially the elderly, and implement measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The disproportionate high rates of COVID-19 on the Navajo Nation (Nation) has recently made headlines at the world stage and has brought to light the lack of in-home sanitation facilities and lack of potable water infrastructure coverage.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem should commend the checkpoints implemented by tribes to protect their nations from a COVID-19 outbreak, not condemn them with threats of legal action.

Tribal leaders across the country have responded well and deserve credit for their concern about public safety.

For many first responders, securing protective masks has been difficult due to low supplies and high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kristi Noem knows absolutely nothing about the history of the Indian people residing in the state she governs.

As a retired World War II army nurse and former Indian Health Service Director of Nursing, I know how fragile and precious life is.

The state of New Mexico reports that Native Americans account for nearly 50 percent of COVID-19 cases, and there is no telling what that number could be by the time you read this.

The majority of citizens in this country need a cattle prod to jolt their memories.

Indian nations and tribes are the original American sovereigns. Our Creator blessed us with life and liberty.

One of the greatest sources of strength Cherokee people have right now is our culture and heritage.

It took a major pandemic for the total incompetence of Donald Trump to surface.