Alabama-Coushatta Tribe sees brighter future with gaming facility

The Naskila Entertainment gaming facility in Livingston, Texas. Photo from Alabama Coushatta Tribe of Texas / Facebook

The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe is back in the gaming business and leaders plan to use the revenues to expand programs and services for their people.

The Naskila Entertainment, a Class II facility, opened to little fanfare last month. But it has already brought crowds back to the reservation in east Texas.

"It makes me feel good that we don't have to rely on the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) and what very little we get from the state. Now we can provide for our own health, education and senior services," council member Clint Poncho told The Houston Chronicle.

Spokesperson Carlos Bullock told the paper that the tribe hopes to build an education facility, a water tower and more housing with the revenues.

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East Texas casino reopens with little fanfare (The Houston Chronicle 6/8)

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