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Ute Tribe sees local support for off-reservation casino in Colorado

The Ute Tribe is interested in a casino near the town of Dinosaur, Colorado. Photo: David Fulmer

The Ute Tribe is reviving plans for an off-reservation casino in Colorado.

The tribe is primarily based in Utah and its reservation forms a border with Colorado. But a prior attempt at crossing the state line for a casino near the town of Dinosaur was opposed by Gov. John Hickenlooper (D).

The opposition “forced the tribe to regroup and consider alternatives," attorney Thomasina Real Bird told The Grand Junction Sentinel,

The alternative now calls for the acquisition of federal lands near Dinosaur, the paper reported. That would make the proposed gaming site contiguous or adjacent to the reservation.

As a result, the tribe believes it won't have to follow the two-part determination provisions of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. The process, which requires approval from the Bureau of Indian Affairs as well as the state governor, typically takes years to complete.

The project already has the support of officials in Dinosaur, The Sentinel reported. Mayor Richard Blakley. believes it would bring jobs and revenues to the community.

The tribe has asked the Bureau of Land Management to sell the 2,453 acres needed to make the casino a reality, The Uintah Basin Standard reported. The agency hasn't determined whether to move forward with the request.

Even if the BLM approves the sale, the tribe would still need the gaming site placed in trust. The Basin Standard posted a map of the area in question as well as the tribe's request to the BLM.

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