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Editorial: Navajo Nation let children suffer

The Farmington Daily Times criticizes the Navajo Nation for letting pre-school children on the reservation go hungry.

The paper blames the tribe for bungling federal funds that would have paid for breakfast, lunch and snacks at a day care center in New Mexico. "There was no excuse for a single preschooler � let alone 48 � at the Shiprock Day Care Center to have gone hungry for at least three weeks," the paper says.

The paper says no one is taking responsibility for the oversight. "Unfortunately, in the end the whole thing will be swept under a Navajo bureaucratic rug," the paper says. "It is a sad commentary on the state of affairs of the tribal government in Window Rock, Ariz., because it shows a society which tolerates failure as the status quo."

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Editorial: Navajo Nation must answer to hungry kids (The Farmington Daily Times 1/30)

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