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Dean changes mind about possible loss in Wis.

Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said on Monday he was persuaded by supporters not to drop out of the race even if he loses the Wisconsin primary on February 17.

The former governor of Vermont sent an e-mail last Thursday pleading for more funds. In the e-mail he said he would leave if he lost in "make or break" Wisconsin. After raising more than $1 million, he now says he won't quit.

Today, voters are going to the polls in Virginia and Tennessee. Some supporters of retired Army general Wesley Clark said he may drop out if he doesn't post a win. So far, he has won just one state, Oklahoma.

Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina is also betting on a win today. But he said he will continue campaigning through at least March 2, the "super primary" day for large states, including New York and California.

Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts is leading in polls in Virginia, where Edwards is running second and Clark came in third. In Tennessee, Kerry was also ahead, with Edwards and Clark battling for second.

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