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Bad Eagle: Time to take the Indian out of BIA

"Indians do seem reluctant to cut the cord. Indians are the most traditional �romantic� folk in American society. We cling to the past, we find our strength in our past, and we will never part from it. Being a real Indian is not something than can be bought or sold, despite the BIA �sales� in Connecticut and California. The BIA is still an historical link for us, and that�s why most Indians tend to cherish it. It is a relic, like our bones, like our arrowheads, like our deer skins. It doesn�t matter that it retards our progress; it feeds our memory of our past. This is the main basis for Indian resistance to ending the BIA.

But now it�s time to be brave, and to strike out into a new era of American Indian history. We need to manage our own money. We can do it. We�ll be the more Indian for doing so."

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David Yeagley: Bye-Bye, BIA (Front Page Magazine 11/22)

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