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Canadian court approves class action for school abuse

An appeal court in Ontario, Canada, has certified a class action lawsuit on behalf of 800 former students of a Native residential school.

The suit was filed on behalf of Natives who say they suffered physical, sexual and mental abuse at the Mohawk Institute. The former students are seeking $2.3 billion (Canadian) in damages.

The decision could help a national lawsuit seeking $12.5 billion for 90,000 former students. The judge in that case was waiting for the ruling from Ontario.

Canada has created a settlement fund for 12,000 abuse victims but the process has been criticized. So far, the government spent $74.8 million to resolve claims, but most of the money went to lawyers and overhead. Only 1,300 cases have been settled.

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Assembly of First Nations Report:
Report on Canada�s Dispute Resolution Plan to Compensate for Abuses in Indian Residential Schools (November 2004)

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