Editorial: Will Cobell mediators reach unbiased solution?

"Charles Byron Renfrew was named as chief mediator, while John G. Bickerman was named co-mediator. Renfrew is a former Chevron Oil executive and Bickerman formerly worked with the Department of Interior as a mediator between the Navajo and Hopi tribes on the closure of a shared landfill.

On the plus side, Renfrew is probably familiar with the trust account payments made by energy companies to the feds. Likewise, Bickerman has experience dealing with tribal issues.

But is it more than simple irony that, after spending more than $100 million fighting the Cobell lawsuit, the Bush administration has now agreed to mediators to assist in the case who have more than a passing acquaintance with the extraction-energy industry or with the Department of Interior?"

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Editorial: Stacking the deck? (The Farmington Daily Times 4/9)

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