Utah grandmother jailed for abusing grandsons

A woman from the Uintah-Ouray Reservation in Utah is being held in jail on charges that she physically abused her grandsons, sending one into a coma.

Charlissa Sireech, 45, is charged with seven counts of assault resulting in serious bodily injury and assault with a dangerous weapon while within Indian Country.

Sireech is accused of beating grandsons Jose, who turns 4 this week, and Emilio, 3. Jose was beaten so badly that he lies in a coma in a Salt Lake City hospital.

Sireech is the maternal grandmother of the boys and their sister, Mona, 2. She gained custody of them through the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Paternal grandmother Leoncis Rodriguez is horrified at what happened to her grandchildren. The kids had been living with her and her husband in California before being removed under ICWA. Rodriguez says the Northern Ute Tribe never made the official request to handle the case.

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