Navajos see hope in a Kerry administration

Navajos who live on the Navajo Reservation say it's time for a change in the White House. They are voting for Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) for president.

One major reason is education. Navajos say the Bush administration has cut funding for Bureau of Indian Affairs schools. A large majority of BIA schools that are not operated under self-determination contracts are on the Navajo reservation.

"I'm going to be voting for Kerry just because a new person needs a chance," parent Carol Begay tells The Arizona Republic.

Thomas Yazzie, a school board member, says Navajo language programs "really have suffered for funding under Bush." He wants more money for technology at BIA schools.

The White House says it has spent $1.1 billion to repair and construct BIA schools. But the BIA's budget for education has been cut, to the tune of $79 million in fiscal year 2005.

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Navajos look to Kerry (The Arizona Republic 10/25)

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