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Column: 'Definitely going to die' on reservation

"The Schaghticoke Indians' sunless mountain in Kent was a battleground where the tribe's two warring factions had been known to shoot and club each other over the head with shovels.

One of those factions had come to The Courant with evidence the other had squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and federal grants: Copies of ledger pages and receipts suggested that money meant to grow hydroponic lettuce had grown certain pockets instead.

This being taxpayers' money, Dennie Williams and I were left with the job of confronting the tribal treasurer to ask her where it went.

And when Dennie told me she would meet with us only at her house on the reservation, I could foresee our corpses stuffed in shallow graves.

We were met by the treasurer, her 8-foot husband and her two 9-foot, muscle-bound sons. As we sat at her kitchen table and produced our evidence, they loomed over us, swigging Old Mr. Boston rum from the bottle and growling and swearing.

'#&@%! Where'd you get that?'

Yes, I thought, we are definitely going to die."

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