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Editorial: Redraw districts for Native voting rights

"We can understand why lawmakers would defend the state's redistricting plan. It received broad support by the elected representatives of the people of South Dakota.

However, nothing the Legislature comes up with is likely to satisfy the ACLU and Judge Schreier. It's probably best to wait and see what Schreier proposes as a solution.

We urge caution in deciding whether to file an appeal. The Legislature has already appropriated $500,000 to reimburse the ACLU for its legal fees in pursuing the case. Let's not waste more money defending a redistricting plan that's legally or morally indefensible.

Schreier's redistricting plan may be unacceptable to the state and, if so, Gov. Mike Rounds and the Legislature should file an appeal. But the goal should be to provide adequate representation to Indian voters. Bruised egos are irrelevant."

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Editorial: Redistricting the right way (The Rapid City Journal 7/15)

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