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South Dakota Natives are 15 percent of HIV cases

Native Americans in South Dakota make up 15 percent of HIV/AIDS cases in the state despite comprising 9 percent of the population.

The state Health Department released the latest HIV/AIDS figures on Friday. The report stated that 75 Native Americans, 51 male and 24 female, were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS during June 1985 through June 2005. The total number of cases in the state was 488 [PDF: Report | More Statistics].

The number of Native Americans living with HIV/AIDS is 44 out of 285, the state said. This represented 15 percent of the cases.

The HIV/AIDS rate is increasing among Native Americans, state officials said. Since 2002, Native Americans were 29 percent of the state's cases.

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Internet, meth double HIV rate in S. Dakota (The Sioux Falls Argus Leader 7/16)

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