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Interview: Two Indian artists at the Venice Biennale

Two Native artists -- one from the U.S. and another from Canada -- were featured in this year's Venice Biennale, the world's oldest contemporary art show.

James Luna, a Luiseno from California, and Rebecca Belmore, an Anishinabekwe from Ontario, spoke about their inclusion in the show with The Washington Post. They also talked about Native art and its perception in the non-Native world.

"Rebecca and I are native artists, but sometimes in her work she speaks to native issues very blatantly, at other times it's very subtle, and at other times it's just artwork. And I've chosen to go another route, where the subject and the look [of my works] are more identifiable as native,' Luna said. "So I was really gratified that we were together on the same bill. Because just by that very fact, people saw the diversity in quote-unquote 'contemporary' native art. I don't like having all our eggs in one basket."

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