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Police mix-up worsens heartache of two families

Two Native families are searching for answers after police mixed up the identities of two young girls who were involved in a fatal car accident.

The family of Misty Medicine Crane, 17, began preparing for her funeral after police on the Blood Reserve in Alberta said she died in the accident. An obituary was published and a candelight vigil was held for Misty.

Meanwhile, the family of Chantal Many Grey Horses, 15, went to the hospital after police said she had been critical injured. They stayed by her bedside in hopes of celebrating her 16th birthday.

It turns out that police mixed up the identities of the two girls. The accident had badly damaged their bodies, so it was difficult to tell. Their friends, who were involved in the accident, made the same mistake.

The mix-up was finally discovered last Wednesday, three days after the accident. A day later, Chantal ended up dying in the hospital.

A 17-year-old male who was driving the car has been charged with impaired driving. Alcohol was a factor in the accident.

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