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Bush draws 'red line' over release of Miers papers

President Bush said on Monday he will not release documents related to U.S. Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers' work at the White House.

Bush said Republicans and some Democrats have started to ask for documents Miers wrote as White House counsel. Citing executive privilege, he said that's "a red line I'm not willing to cross."

Miers has worked in a number of positions since joining the Bush administration in 2001. In her latest, she provided legal advice to the president in his official, but not personal, capacity.

Republicans and some Democrats have said the documents might be necessary because it is difficult to discern Miers' views or qualifications. Miers has already been asked to redo her Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire.

Meanwhile, a number of prominent Republicans and conservative groups launched a campaign on Monday to have the Miers nomination withdrawn. They set up a web site at

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Miers Senate Questionnaire:
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