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Editorial: Honor Muscogee Nation with statue

"It seems only appropriate to honor the Creek Indian Nation with a statue of a Creek Indian. The Creeks were a group of native Americans who lived and farmed in this region for some 13,000 years, long before this continent was called North America. These early residents flourished in large numbers until migrating Europeans and their descendants displaced them, relegating the tribe and its survivors to live in far away places such as Oklahoma.

Under present plans, the proposed statue, a life-size or larger edifice, might be located near the corners of Broadway and Cherry Street, if Macon's City Council gives the go-ahead. The proposal is to tie the statue to an area to be renovated as a public plaza. Bill Northenor, a trustee with The Ocmulgee National Monument Foundation, says the statue would be crafted by Bradley Cooley, creator of the Otis Redding statue at Gateway Park at Riverside Drive and MLK Jr. Boulevard."

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