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Southern Ute Tribe holds final election after shakeup

The Southern Ute Tribe of Colorado held a run-off election on Monday, the fourth, and final, election since experiencing a leadership shakeup just a year ago.

Elected as chairman was Clement J. Frost by just two votes John B. Washington was elected to the council by just 46 votes.

After being sworn in, Frost named Matthew J. Box as vice chairman to replace Jocelyn Dutchie, who stepped down. Frost also replaced the tribe's executive officer, Everett Burch, who said he was fired. Byron Red, a former councilor and director of the Southern Ute Museum Board, was named executive officer.

The tribe held three elections in response to the retirement of former chairman Howard Richard, who resigned abruptly in November 2004. Three other council members subsequently quit or resigned.

The first election was held in December 2004 to choose council members. The second was held in January 2005, when Frost was elected to serve the nine months left in Richards' term.

The third election was held in November to permanently fill the chairman's post. But a run-off was needed because no one got a majority of the votes.

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