Alaska Native rappers find success in community

They don't even have a record out but two Alaska Native rappers who go by the name Blood Family have found success in the Native community.

Jaye Ulak, 19, also known as "Blood," and Jimmy "G" Walker, 20, made their debut just a year ago at the senior prom in the Yup'ik Eskimo village of Scammon. Now they've attracted a large following of adoring girls and a posse of fellow rappers, The Anchorage Daily News reports.

"We're Native celebrities," Jimmy "G" Walker, 20, says backstage at a packed concert in Bethel.

The show was temporarily interrupted when Jaye's grandmother, Mamie Ulak, walked on stage while the group was performing. She took the microphone and proceeded to tell the crowd in Yup'ik how proud she was of her grandson.

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