Chemawa board member who opposed fence resigns

Fredrick Lane, a Chemawa Indian School Board member who opposed the erection of a fence around the school, resigned in protest this week.

Lane's resignation came only a week before his term was to expire. In a letter, he said the Bureau of Indian Affairs doesn't allow longer terms in order to keep board members in the dark

"Working with the current administration and the educational bureaucracy that plagues our school has forced me to rethink my ability to serve our Indian kids that go to Chemawa," he wrote, The Salem Statesman Journal reported.

Lane, a member of the Lummi Nation of Washington and a Chemawa alumnus, joined a student protest over the fence. The BIA paid $63,000 for the 8-feet high fence, which initially had barbed wire on top that was later removed.

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Chemawa school board member leaves early (The Salem Statesman Journal 8/26)

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