Indian students suspended for having longer hair

Two brothers were suspended on the second day of school on Los Fresnos, Texas, for having braided hair that went below the collar.

Rodney and Skyler Burns transferred to Los Fresnos from Ardmore, Oklahoma. The next day they were placed on "In School Suspension," The Brownsville Herald reported. They are kept in a room all day, not allowed to eat lunch or mingle with other students and not allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.

Rodney, 14, and Skyler, 14, are part Chickasaw. Their mother said the school is being discriminatory. "They are punishing them over their heritage," Deborah Burns told the paper.

The school says it is not biased but won't change policy. If the boys don't cut their hair or change their hairstyle, they could be sent to the alternative high school.

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School district, parent clash over culture issue (The Brownsville Herald 8/25)

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