Indian students in Wyoming make gains on tests

Indian students on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming made gains on the state's WyCAS assessment test, the Associated Press reports.

Among eighth-graders, only 57 percent of Wyoming Indian Middle School students were at the "low basic" level, down from 70 percent in 2003-04. In reading, only 40 percent of students were at "low basic," down from 57 percent. In math, 2 percent were classified as "advanced," up from none on 2003-04.

The 11th-grade scores showed similar gains, said the school superintendent. The fourth-grade scores are being recalculated.

The schools on the reservation offered cash incentives to do well on the test. Indian students were given $300 each if they were "proficient" on the math, reading and writing sections. A student who was proficient in all three would receive $1,000.

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