AIM leader meets with school over boys' long hair

Dennis Banks, the co-founder of the American Indian Movement, met with school administrators in Los Fresnos, Texas, to protest the suspension of two Indian boys who won't cut their long hair.

Rodney Burns, 14, and Skyler Burns, 12, formerly of Oklahoma, were suspended on the second day of classes. They are part Chickasaw.

Banks said the boys shouldn't be forced to cut their hair. He compared their situation to his school experience, saying he had to cut his hair and was told not to speak Ojibwe. Banks is from Minnesota.

The Resaca Middle School hasn't decided what to do about the issue. Deborah Burn, the boys' mother, has filed a grievance.

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Indian activist takes up Los Fresnos students' cause (The Brownsville Herald 9/1)

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