Woman claiming to be Indian in custody fight

A Pennsylvania woman who is claiming Indian heritage and who is married to a man who claims to be an Indian chief is in a custody fight over her unborn child.

Melissa WolfHawk, 31, is due to give birth any day. But the state wants to take the baby away because her husband, DaiShin WolfHawk, is a convicted sex offender who already served his time.

DaiShin WolfHawk claims to be the chief of the Unole E Quoni Tribe. Melissa WolfHawk said her custody dispute might stem from prejudice against Native Americans.

Melissa WolfHawk has won a court order to block the state from asking about her baby. But she has to inform the state when she gives birth. She is also trying to regain custody of another child, a 21-month-old girl, who is in Maryland.

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