Letter: Tulalips take advantage of non-Indians

"Government should do more to help people who want to quit smoking, but that should never include intruding onto someone's private property. What's next that someone with millions to spend will want banned? French fries, Big Macs or fried chicken? Laugh, but this is how the prohibition campaign was started years ago and we know how successful that was.

Where are our elected leaders? The economic advantage to the Tulalip Tribe's businesses is clear, yet our leaders sit on the sidelines and remain silent.

The 25-foot rule gives thousands of non-tribal private businesses no way to make their smoking customers feel welcome in the businesses or on their own personal property. Yet, right down the street, all tribal businesses can allow smoking."

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Jack Sherin: Non-tribal businesses face huge disadvantage (The Everett Herald 10/26)

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